Our primary focus is to increase the number of businesses that grow sales year after year after year by using the same tools many companies in different industries use to drive growth today.

Ultimate Sales Pipeline Process

Senior managers of high performing sales organizations develop a clearly defined pipeline process as a valuable company asset because it increases overall team production.

Compare and contrast the results your process delivers today with our Ultimate Sales Pipeline Process that earned its name because it:

  • Defines when a sale closes, how commissions are earned, and when they are paid

  • Mandates customer buy cycle tracking that reduces time and resources spent on unqualified opportunities

  • Narrows gap between highest achievers and others by giving credit only when milestones are achieved

  • Accelerates new hire production, and reduces turnover by providing a clear roadmap to success

  • Remains an asset by staying behind when managers leave

PLEASE adapt elements of this powerful model to increase your team’s production by the end of next quarter, with our compliments.

The Ultimate Sales Pipeline process is NOW AVAILABLE in Sales Force