Secrets to Sales Growth


Yes, companies that grow revenues year after year do things differently than the more than 80% of all businesses that can’t. There are simple steps to change behaviors that drive poor results, so why aren’t more businesses doing what is necessary to achieve sales growth?


The secret is, growing companies all follow a similar path of developing their most important assets to penetrate and expand market share, improve team performance, and make the necessary changes to grow.


My keynote presentation, The Secrets to Sales Growth, on 1/11/11 will illustrate what start-ups and mature companies have done differently to beat the overwhelming odds to achieve profitability and/or get acquired, and what they are doing now to increase revenues in 2011.


Attendees will learn why the vast majority of companies fail to overcome the obstacles to market penetration.


See how a medical technology company achieved exponential growth this year (150% of last year’s revenue). See how a pharmaceutical products company was created, achieved profitability, and was acquired in just three years. They followed key elements of the same path to sales growth.


More successful case histories will be revealed. Attendees will learn the secrets and take away valuable how to information by completing their individual Cycle of Success Factors worksheet during this interactive presentation.


Please join us on 1/11/11 at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Venture Forum starting at 6:00pm.

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