Stop Being Blind

The lessons I learned years ago teaching deaf and blind kids how to cook at Perkins School for the Blind remain with me to this day. Teaching in teams, our objective was to prepare each student to live productively and independently in society.

To avoid spilling milk, I watched them hook their finger over the top of the glass while pouring. When baking a cake, they would carefully measure each ingredient twice, while checking the recipe many times. They could feel when the dishwasher was done and went about putting each utensil, each plate back in its designated space. All they had to do was following the system we had put in place for them.

And, yes, it was funny seeing so many different sized pieces after they had cut up the cake. Don’t we all have our own strengths and weaknesses?

Perkins has had a long history in the transformation of many lives. Helen Keller attended in 1880 and later graduated from Radcliffe College. Several kids graduated from our teaching kitchen into independent living; some as prep cooks, some as dishwashers. You can only imagine how fulfilling that experience was for me.

When I reflect on the career challenges of both professional chefs and sales managers, I see several similarities. In the kitchen, it’s all about keeping food and labor costs down while producing the highest quality product at a fair price. The stronger the system is and the tighter the execution; the higher the profits will be.

During my ten years in professional kitchens, my signature was to leave very few leftovers. After coordinating a team effort that fed more than a 1,000 people at a formal dinner, there were only be a couple of plates left over. Planning, preparation, and team execution served us well.

A couple of days ago, I sat down with a new prospect and winced when he told me he had hired 11 sales people and burned through 8 of them in the the past two plus years. 8 sales people came and went in a matter of months, taking more than $150,000.00 in operating capital out the door with them.

He had used his own intuition, relied on recommendations of those he’s trusted, and even paid for the services of a staffing firm. Still, he has little to show for his pain today. Obviously, he needs to stop being blind when hiring new talent.

Since becoming a Target Teams Business Partner,  I can now shine a bright light with our new Employee Engagement Solutions on the age-old challenge of successfully hiring candidates. Together, we can now reverse my prospect’s fortunes.

These Employee Engagement Solutions set realistic expectations for both the new employee, and you, the hiring manager. They equip both parties with an effective communications road map, and outline plans for successful working relationships by identifying mutual expectations. As the old saying goes about relationships: as the start, so they go.

Instead of blindly hiring hopefuls, the prospect will be able to gauge how each new candidate will meet the expectations of the job while minimizing his investment. Sort of like hooking his finger over the top of the glass before the milk spills uselessly out on the floor.

Combined with my proprietary Individual Performance Objectives module, this prospect’s chances for greater success have just increased exponentially. His plan is now perfectly positioned in this economy. While many businesses are hunkering down, he’s aggressively pursuing sustainable growth.

Not only do these tools describe how people work in different situations, the detail how each person prioritizes the individual drivers we all have. Each will be able to more effectively communicate and work with the other because they better understand what motivates each.

Now you can stop being blind, stop taking needless chances when hiring new people.

Discover how this incredible tool works by investing just 24 uninterrupted minutes answering simple questions. Yes, it’s free, and I promise you’ll better understand how and why you do the things you do both inside and outside of work.

When you finish, we’ll set a time to review your results. It’s insightful. It’s free. It’s private and confidential. Get your results here.

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