Guaranteed Better Sales Launches New Web Site with Free Access to Sales Management Best Practices

September 30, 2008 – Hopkinton, MA - Guaranteed Better Sales launched its new website today ( offering free access to sales improvement tools and sales management best practices. The new website holds a library full of useful content that managers can use freely as training modules, get answers to most frequently asked questions, shares timely updates through its blog, and access powerful programs and resources.

“The goal is to increase the number of companies which can develop incremental growth for at least three years on a row,” Guaranteed Better Sales CEO, David Hamacher explained. “Our research shows that only 5% of companies meet that standard today; being able to grow sales incrementally for three years in a row,” he said.

Guaranteed Better Sales (GBS) creates sustainable growth with simple and permanent solutions which are customized for each business and can be implemented now. Its proactive management practices significantly grow top line performance and bottom line results by increasing sales performance, improving customer satisfaction, and providing long-term stability.

The GBS Sales Pipeline Model gets every one on the sales team using the same approach to move more sales to a successful close. Business owners and executives who are charged with new business development and have fiscal responsibility for bottom line performance will profit from GBS services.

About Guaranteed Better Sales
Guaranteed Better Sales is a wholly owned subsidiary of Communicon Consulting Group, Inc., which has been providing sales improvement services to businesses in most industries since 1994 through the use of management best practices and technology integration. GBS continues to increase the number of businesses that develop sustainable growth.


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2 Responses to “Guaranteed Better Sales Launches New Web Site with Free Access to Sales Management Best Practices”

  1. Bill Fontaine @ Lateral Says:

    A hearty congratulations on the launch of your website. It has a fantastic layout, but even more importantly, the content available in the form of management tools and free reports are very much worth taking the time to read. As an experienced sales and marketing professional with, I can see there is fresh, original content herein.

  2. Jack Speranza Says:

    David –

    Congratulations on releasing this site. I know a lot of work went into this, and there’s only more to come! I look forward to seeing the site grow with your visitors contributing their own perspectives and thoughts on the information you bring to the forefront in this forum.

    Best of luck!


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