Every Sale Counts Whenever It’s Closed

There is nothing more exciting than a ‘walk-off’ home run when the home team wins the game by scoring the winning runs in the bottom of the 9th inning. They walk-off the field because, as the home team, they have no need to use all of the 27 outs each team gets for every game.

It’s the same as a sales team achieving quota before the end of the month/quarter.

David ‘Papi’ Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox has made a career scoring clutch walk-off runs in a dramatic fashion.

There are few things more exciting than watching Tom Brady of the New England Patriots throw a ‘Hail Mary’ pass to anyone of his talented receivers in the closing minutes of the ball game. Or see a long field goal make it through the uprights as time expires.

It seems that every sales team has a super star like a David Ortiz or a Tom Brady. Great sales teams have more than one. But the problem is, many producers wait until the end of the month or quarter and pray for the ‘walk-off’ home run, the ‘Hail Mary’, or dramatic field goal made at the buzzer.

Proactively managed sales teams understand that every run and point scored during any inning or quarter count. It’s the same with every sale that’s closed. Why not focus every day in every week on optimizing individual production?

Every sales opportunity in every business in every industry has its own personality. Take a minute to expand your view of your pipeline. Unless and until the buying cycle of the prospect is understood and properly navigated, there will be no sale.

Top producers strive to have multiple opportunities at every stage of their well-defined pipeline at all times. Consistently filling and draining the pipeline takes all the pressure off of having to score in dramatic fashion. Why not relieve yourself from all that pressure of having to score at the buzzer? That’s when most discounts are given which reduces profit margins and hurts the overall performance of your company.

Why not choose to spend the same amount of your time and energy to create the greatest value to your prospect, your company, and your compensation?

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