Our primary focus is to increase the number of businesses that grow sales year after year after year by using the same tools many companies in different industries use to drive growth today.
Target teams

Q: Who are your best clients?
A: Our best clients are businesses that are committed to growth, becoming a market leader, or expanding market share in competitive markets selling business goods and services to other businesses. We also help startup companies in technology and health related industries.

Q: How do you deliver value to your clients?
A: We help businesses grow through every business cycle. Our experience with more than 300 clients shows that people and process power profits. We help owners and managers align the right people and processes to reach clearly defined objectives. We increase business results and improve job satisfaction by developing the appropriate systems and processes that let less people get more done. 

Q: Who are some of your clients?
A: Our expertise, systems, and processes have helped unit managers and sales people improve results in these companies: Xerox, Merrill Lynch, at&t, Siemens, Legal Sea Foods, privately owned businesses, and startup companies.

Q: Who is your competition?
A: Our greatest competition is the status quo. Our primary focus is helping businesses grow sales year after year. This means change for most companies, and change is hard, which is why the status quo wins much of the time. 

Q: How is your training different?
A: The effectiveness of most training diminishes rapidly after delivery, so any ROI is short-lived. By helping people make better use of their time, energy and resources, our approach leaves lasting value and always more productivity.