Our primary focus is to increase the number of businesses that grow sales year after year after year by using the same tools many companies in different industries use to drive growth today.
Target teams
Client Results

The Executive Vice-President of National Sales at AT&T generated sustained growth with his 125 salespeople producing $450,000,000 in sales, by clearly setting expectations using the GBS Pyramid of Power model.  “The key to sustainable growth is to consistently inspect what you expect your people to do,” he said. And to do that you need the right management tools in place.
Our Pyramid of Power model helped create their sustainable growth because it:

  • Improves overall performance

  • Builds team cohesion

  • Redirects sub-par performance

This is the best sales management process available today.
With our help, the president of a business machines company achieved incremental growth every single quarter for 7+ years. He built this phenomenal growth with:

  • A simple hiring philosophy

  • A single compensation plan

  • Consistent training & coaching

  • Customized CRM solution with 100% adoption

Using our programs, the VP of Sales at a Siemens company achieved revenue growth of $60,000,000 in three years by:

  • Leveraging the GBS ultimate pipeline process

  • Building team cohesion through equitable compensation plan

  • Customized CRM solution with 100% adoption


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